This week on festivalPass Stories, to kick off the start of the NFL, host Pat Tully is talking to his friend, former NY Giant and two time Super Bowl champion David Diehl.

They discuss how disappointing it was to watch all different types of sports getting cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they are optimistic for the future of the NFL in this unprecedented time as it is now slowly starting to come back. They feel that everything is new and exciting this season because we have never seen this before. Diehl states that going into any season, you always can say “expect the unexpected” because there is always going to be a team that’s going to take a turn for the better or a turn for the worst. However, in a season like this, there were no preseason games to get a glimpse into what the season could be like for these NFL teams. He feels this is an exciting time where anything on any given Sunday can happen.

David and Pat discuss how teams coming into this season with new coaches and new coordinators have the upper hand. Because other teams don’t have footage of them from preseason, they don’t know what to expect. David says when you’re playing football in the NFL, you only have 16 opportunities to show what you can do, each opportunity is precious. He says if you don’t learn from past mistakes and work to fix them going forward, it is very easy for an NFL season to get away from you.

David Diehl is a two time Super Bowl Champ with the NY Giants and now gets to experience the magic of the Super Bowl as a broadcaster. Although Super Bowl week is like a festival in many ways, when David was there as a player, it was all business. Now that he is a broadcaster, David feels he can let loose a little and enjoy the Super Bowl in it’s festival form. As a broadcaster he enjoys being able to share his insight about a sport that he absolutely loves and is so thankful that he still gets to be a part of the NFL.

Pre COVID he was looking forward to going to France for a wedding and Croatia this summer to visit his family. However, he is grateful that he has had more time with his daughter and has been able to be the dad that he has always wanted to be. Which is why he retired from playing football in the first place. David feel that being a dad is one of the greatest things he has done in his lifetime!

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