Welcome back festival friends. On this episode of FestivalPass Stories, our Host, Pat Tully sits down with Paul Reder, the founder of Bass Camp Festival, the electronic dance party in Reno on Lake Tahoe. July 28-30, 2023, Bass Camp will host its 6th annual festival taking place on multiple stages and locations over a 3-day period.

The festival will be headlined by Deadmou5 and Madeon and Bass Camp Festival will take place at a new home in Wingfield Park, right in the Truckee River! "We are beyond excited to host Bass Camp VI in Wingfield Park this summer with the gorgeous Truckee River flowing through the festival grounds," says Paul Reder, Founder/CEO of Bass Camp Festival, Inc. "The river and all grass park will be a brilliant addition to this already amazing annual event as well as a great place to cool down in the water while listening and dancing to our many talented artists this summer," says Reder.

Pat takes us back to Paul’s early days in the music business booking acts for his fellow Co-Eds at the University of Arkansas to his 12 plus years working with some of the biggest music and comedy acts including Stevie Nicks, Sting, Jerry Seinfeld and many others at Caesers.

A decade ago, Paul decided it was time to go out on his own and created PRE Entertainment which produces over 150 shows and festivals annually including 3 that he owns The Lake Tahoe Reggae Festival, The Lake Tahoe Bluegrass Festival, and Bass Camp Festival.

Hear more about these stories and some great music festival stories here on this episode of FestivalPass Stories.

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