Is there anything quite like an Atlanta live music festival? They are famous, but one in the 90’s was infamous and it’s now back, in modern form. Freaknik Festival was so over the top that Hulu recently released a mini-series: Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told.

On this episode of FestivalPass Stories, our Host Pat Tully goes behind the scenes with one of Atlanta’s legendary party promoters, Carlos Neal, to hear the stories behind why he decided to bring back the 90’s festival that still has people talking. With a Master's Degree in in data science and machine learning and an undergraduate degree in finance, Calos delivers a unique set of skills, employing data and modeling to prepare budgets, projections and capacity for all his events. Those elements were missing from the original FreakNik Festival and will make this version a safer, more enjoyable party while still keeping its edge. Neal’s After 9 Partners group has added a non-profit foundation to Freaknik, making it a true party with a purpose.

Freaknik is sponsored by MetaWorks and MusicFX which is also adding a digital wallet element and NFT offerings for the artists. Find out more about Freaknik, how to get tickets and the lineup on this episode.

Hear more about these stories and some great music festival stories here on this episode of FestivalPass Stories.

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