Ep. 73 Feelin' the Love from MoonKissed, the NYC based Synth-Pop Trio

Festival friends, welcome back to another episode of FestivalPass Stories. On this episode our host, Pat Tully brings us a “force to be reckoned with,” which is what the media says about the Synth-Pop trio of Kayah, Emily and Leah AKA Moonkissed.

The band burst onto the scene after meeting at a party on New York’s lower east side. It was love at first sight and the band immediately clicked. Tully talks to them about how they not only met and clicked, but how they got through the difficulty of the pandemic while not being able to perform for their loyal fan base.

The Pandemic brought about serious creativity from artists and Moonkissed was no exception. Their song “Clubbing in your bedroom” resonated with everyone and became an instant hit. Kayah Cohen on the track: ’Clubbing In Your Bedroom,” is an invitation to get dressed up for no one and nothing and to move your body in order to heal. The song was written in an attempt for salvation and levity amidst pandemic despair.’ Now back on the live music and festival circuit, Moonkissed were named a SXSW official Artist in 2022, a big moment for the band.

To be Moonkissed is to be loved and we know you will feel ‘Moonkissed’ and inspired by this awesome band after listening to this episode.

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To find out more about Moonkissed and their music: Moonkissed website: https://moonkissedmusic.com/ Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonkissedmusic/ Connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/moonkissedmusic

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