Welcome back festival friends! We love talking music on FPS and the more unique, the better. On this episode, our Host, Pat Tully talks with the incredibly unique sound of Dixon’s Violin, the world’s premier visionary violinist.

What makes him so unique is how Dixon merges his love of technology with the love of the violin to create a sound unlike any other. Dixon developed his own “looping system” based on the idea that if it can be done with the guitar, why not for the violin? In one of his TED Talks (he’s done four), he uses the looping system to create a brand-new song that not only the audience has never heard, but Dixon himself has never heard either!

Dixon has played at festivals, corporate events, but mostly just for himself and the love of the music. In every performance, Dixon’s goal is to inspire people and he definitely inspired us.

Hear more about these stories and some great music festival stories here on this episode of FestivalPass Stories.

To find out more about Dixon Violin and their music: Dixon’s Violin website: https://www.dixonsviolin.com/

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