Welcome back, festival friends. On this episode of festivalPass Stories, our host, Pat Tully, sits down with a guy who was born in the home of The Blues, Memphis. When you grow up there, the music is in your blood. Jim Ethridge knows all about that.

The founder of “Lost Art Music Festival” started his music career when he began hosting a radio show at the University of Georgia. Upon graduating, he immediately went to work for Vanguard Records and then onto a digital marketing agency where he worked directly with talent and brands on major campaigns. He then joined City Winery and helped to grow the company to multiple US Cities beyond NYC where it all started.

At City Winery, a live music venue focused on intimate entertainment and fine food and drink, he got the idea too launch a festival for fans of his favorite music and what he calls “The best in Americana.” Now in it’s second official year (after a forced Covid pause), the festival will feature some of the best blues and Americana music. It takes place at the Foxhall Resort outside of Atlanta. Festival attendees can expect a true hospitality experience like they would get at City Winery, with great beer, wine and food options. Presented by Cathead Distillery, VIP packages are available and camping packages are available as well.

To find out more about the festival and buy tickets/packages check out the information below: Lost Art Music Festival website: https://lostartmusicfest.com/ Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lostartmusicfest/

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