Born in Arizona, Julio Santo Domingo instantly became an international star as his family moved to Geneva Switzerland just a month after his birth. An entrepreneur at an early age, he started a new radio show at his high school playing his favorite genre, Reggae. He named it simply “The Reggae Show.” This was just the beginning of a music career that would span the Atlantic and back over the next 3 decades.

Building on his fledgling high school DJ career, Julio took his arts talents to the US and attended college at Boston University. Not satisfied with the music scene in Boston, he spent every possible weekend in New York City finding the best underground parties in warehouses and clubs. At the same time, he was expanding his musical interests and amassing a large electronic music collection. He realized he could DJ as well or better than any of the DJ’s at the parties he was attending, so he decided to start his own parties and used the dawn of social media to promote them.

After college he moved to NYC full time (where he still resides) to start a regular weekly Wednesday Reggae party at the legendary Belmont Lounge and an Electonic dance party called “Sheik and Beik.” He was in high demand and would also host industry nights and one-off warehouse parties including one infamous evening at “Supreme Trading” in Brooklyn. Julio tells the legend of this Halloween party complete with cleaning a floor covered in blood moments before his guests arrived.

He was then booked for a DJ gig at Art Basel. At the time he was already thinking of hosting his own underground music tent at Bonnaroo when a friend who worked at that festival, resigned. The two got together and decided to start their own in Florida and the concept for the Okeechobee Music & Arts festival was born. His friend (Paul) found a great property and on Julio’s way home from that Art Basel gig, he saw the land, bought it and it was game on.

This is the 5th anniversary of Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.

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