Join our host Pat Tully as he chats with Brett Friedman about organizing next-level culinary events. Brett is the CEO and founder of Agency 21 Consulting; specializing in the creation, development and organization of special events for both corporate and nonprofit entities. He shares how he became a part of one of the largest culinary festivals in the country- South Beach Food and Wine Festival as well as what’s keeping him occupied during the pandemic.

Brett states that working for Alonzo Mourning jump started his career in events. As someone who has worked in the world of culinary entertainment for years, he feels that food and spirits are great connectors that bring people together. Brett tells Pat that there are many driving factors that contribute to a successful event, the main one being location. He gives the example of South Beach Food and Wine festival being a location within a location- people come to enjoy the event in an incredible location. In addition, the talent and the energy is what brings guests together for a culinary experience unlike any other.

Although many virtual events have come to fruition in the last few months, Brett feels that they are just temporary bandaids for this unprecedented time. He is hopeful that future festivals will not only return but will come back with gusto after months of having to pivot and innovate in order to survive.

**About Brett Friedman: **

**From: **Miami, FL

**College/University: **University of Florida (Bachelors), Nova Southeastern University (Masters)

Fun Facts: Lover of wine and all things whiskey. Is a history NUT, okay, NERD. Brett collects original WWI vintage posters. He is an animal lover with 3 dogs (and counting)!

Greatest Achievement: Benign the father of his son, Jake

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