Welcome back to the festivalPass Stories Podcast with host Pat Tully! We’ve been away for a few weeks, so for this episode, we’re giving you two guests for one. The Co-Founders of Imagine Music Festival, Glenn and Madeleine Goodhand!

Imagine Music Festival lives up to its epithet as “An Aquatic Fairytale”. Many festivals sell their base on an experience, but IMF is like entering another reality. It’s one of the most anticipated EDM festivals of the year, and the largest in the state of Georgia. Its got everything you want in a live event. Great musical performances, beautiful scenery…an overall vibe. Concert goers missed Imagine in 2020, as it was rescheduled for health and safety concerns. But it’s officially happening and it’s coming up very soon.

Glenn Goodhand studied at John Marshall Law School and worked in the legal system. Even though he was business-minded and career-driven, he also had a fun side. Glenn is a former B-Boy and was made a legend from the epic raves he use to throw. He’s also one of the pioneers responsible for bringing the EDM genre to the Metro-Atlanta area. Glenn’s wife Madeleine has a similar background. Also a go-getter and multi-talented, Maddy has credentials in advertising and marketing. and she does modeling. Together, they form the perfect team to run Imagine Music Festival.

We are so excited that IMF is returning to the city of Atlanta and Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. The festival will be starting on Friday September 17th, and will finish on Sunday September 19th. Single-day, VIP car camping, and a lot of other ticket packages are still available. Exclusive pool parties, food, drinks, flame-twirlers, unique sets, an incredible lineup; it’s going to be a celebration you don’t want to miss. Check out this episode, follow on social media, and get your tickets at Imagine Music Festival’s website ASAP.

“Starting the festival looking back, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. Just from Glen’s background, I think he just understood what it took to create this really good party.” - Madeleine Goodhand (IMF)

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