Host Pat Tully “sat down” from a remote studio with Nedda Saltani, the Director of Lifestyle and Talent PR for EFG PR.

Nedda has spent a career in and around festivals. She was a fan first, then made her passion her profession.

As a lifelong competitive figure skater, she made the move from competing to coaching at 18. Nedda had a natural public relations vibe to everything she did. She was also an avid fan of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and live DJ performances. As she attended shows and music festivals around the country, Nedda's DJ friends began to ask for her professional help in promoting them.

As the DJ world exploded in 2009, the biggest night clubs in the US were recruiting EDM DJ’s to come to NYC, Vegas and Miami. Nedda went on the road helping DJ friends and went from the comfortable world of figure skating, to being on tour with EDM artists for months at a time.

From the world of representation, she moved into PR and branding, a natural move for her to represent brands and talent as well. At LiveNation she worked with the Insomniac brand, concentrating on dance music and connecting brands to the demographic of the attendees.

The discussion turns to how brands should engage with festivals, festival attendees and the safety of those attendees. Brands now have an opportunity to concentrate on those procedures to show attendees that they care about their health and safety. Nedda feels that due to the pandemic, standard safety procedures at large events will change forever.

These days, brands can easily miss the mark on messaging. Nedda and Pat explain how a brand can stay relevant, have a socially conscious message and effectively market their products and services. Pat and Nedda examine how brands can be associated with social justice initiatives at festivals now and in the future.

As the talk comes back to EFG PR, Nedda discusses the current state of the world, and how they are aligning brands and talent through social media. She also touches on how they are utilizing their media brands to keep them relevant and authentic. The challenges for the rest of the year and next year are complicated for brands and fans at festivals. Listen to the complete episode to get Nedda’s expert insight on how she is helping her clients navigate these unchartered waters.

Quotes: “Brands need to find ways outside the norm to engage with attendees.”

“Ultimately the key thing is how authentic and how invested is it. Is it a temporary give or is is something that will create long term change?”

“There is no feeling like looking around at 100,000 people who are all aligned”

“Festival season, as you know, is a thing.”

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