Welcome friends, to another episode of festivalPass Stories podcast; where we talk to the people responsible for the best festivals and live events in the world. This week, we’re able to get a glimpse of the "back of the house" with the founder of Eastern Point Collective, Hollis Silverman.

If you’ve never heard the term before, the “back of the house” refers to what goes on behind the scenes in the restaurant business. Everything from the kitchen, to the break room, and office space is what customers typically don’t see while in the front of the house. Even though she was accepted into Le Cordon Blue culinary school in Paris, France, Hollis Silverman is most known for her experience as a manager, and her ability to take restaurants and events to the next level. We say she’s most known for her executive work because cooking is still one of her passions. In fact, her chefs have given her major credit for knowing her way around the kitchen. We won’t be surprised if Hollis goes to culinary school in the future; anything’s possible.

Hollis’ journey officially began at Cornell University, where she graduated from the prestigious Hotel and Restaurant Management School. She never stopped learning about the business, and always shared that information with like-minded individuals. A Level II Certified Sommelier, Hollis has gone from Jose Andres’ ThinkFoodGroup (where she worked her way up from a Service Director to Chief of Operations) to being a Hospitality Consultant where she helped, “chefs and restauranteurs…to grow their business.” She also spent some time at Great American Restaurants as Chief Innovation Officer.

We say it all of the time, a good percentage of our guests settle into roles that they either stumble upon in some way, or in Hollis’ case, never thought she wanted to do at all. Although she loves the food industry, Hollis swore that she would never start her own restaurant. Not only is she going into business for herself these days, but she’s starting two restaurants and a gin bar with her Eastern Point Collective team in Washington, D.C. Specializing in hospitality consulting, operations management, and concept development, Eastern Point Collective is available in the D.C. area to help get your vision off the ground.

The Hollis Silverman story is more about people than it is about food. She’s done so much volunteer work in her life, and she’s dedicated her career to give opportunities and excellent wages to everyone she’s worked with.

“Usually people are around food for celebrations. Everything always happens around food. People need something else to hold on to, and food and drink creates that avenue for everybody.” - Hollis Silverman

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