Craig Posey and Ryan Houston are the founders of RCE Entertainment and Black Voices, an LA event series that showcases black artists in all forms from dance, to music, spoken word and film.

The conversation begins with Craig and Ryan telling Pat the story behind Black Voices and what the term “Black Voices” means today.

As Artists themselves, they wanted to highlight all forms of art in the Black Community. As the platform started to grow, they quickly realized that through their network of like-minded people, there could be crossover opportunities for networking and singles night. They created a twist on the Taco Tuesday concept called ‘Let’s Taco ‘bout Love” a fun and lighthearted way to bring people together through food and drink to discuss relationships and dating in LA.

The conversation soon turned to social injustice issues of the day following the murder of George Floyd and how they could use the Black Voices platform to allow people tell their important stories of injustice and also stories of how they are using their artform to share stories of positivity during this historic moment in our nation. The conversation continues to the Juneteenth holiday and how, until recently, it was not a widely discussed holiday, celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States.

Black Voices is adapting during Covid-19, Quarantine and going virtual to keep their positive message going and growing while providing good content across platforms like Zoom. Craig also talks about his life as a talent rep and how he has found virtual opportunities for his artists as well.

Quotes: “We wanted to create a space where artists could learn and actually talk to people”

“The life of an event is being there.”


Black Voices on Instagram @blk.voices

RCE Entertainment on Instagram @rce_la

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