Welcome back friends, to the 30th episode of festivalPass Stories podcast, sponsored by Dos Hombres. We have another famous guest this week, Emmy nominated host of “Bass 2 Billfish”, Peter Miller.

There was always a connection between Peter and fishing. He learned everything about being a fisherman from his father while growing up in Tappan, New York. He can even remember thinking that he wanted a fishing tv show. But before he was given the keys to his own television program, he had to prove himself as a professional fisherman. After attending the University of Miami and receiving a marketing degree, Peter Miller validated his expert status as a fisherman with three world sailfish championships, along with over 100 prominent swordfish, sailfish, and marlin events.

Now, with the victories under his belt at the top of fishing, Peter was ready to step into the spotlight as the star of his own show; fulfilling a childhood dream. NBC Sports launched “Bass 2 Billfish with Peter Miller”, and the show gained early momentum. It wasn’t long before Peter became a nature celebrity, and “Bass 2 Billfish” started to get a huge following. With multiple Emmy nominations, the Discovery Channel decided to double down on the brand, and started “Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller”. And once again, Peter has proven to be a skilled angler and a charismatic television host that the fans love to follow.

One of the better perks about being a celebrity is the endorsements, and Peter Miller has his fair share if we’re being honest. Some of the top names in the sport like Bass Pro Shops, Invincible Boats, and Mercury Marine have sponsored Peter, and have built long-term relationships. Other big-name brands like Yeti Coolers, Citizen Watch, and Salt Life have also jumped into the Peter Miller business. Peter and his platforms on social media and television have millions of followers and viewers, allowing the partnerships between companies to flourish throughout his career.

Not only is Peter Miller an exceptional fisherman, and a powerful brand ambassador, he is also a giving philanthropist and thoughtful environmentalist. Learn more about the charities and organizations that Peter has worked with in this milestone episode of festivalPass Stories.

“My dad took me on a charter boat…and I caught a hammerhead shark when I was like 10. That was it, that’s when it really kicked in. I though I was going to have a fishing tv show one day.” - Peter Miller

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