Welcome back to festivalPass Stories Podcast! This week, we had the pleasure to sit down with Andrew Parsons and Kelly Gray, the co-founders of Real Music Events. You do not want to miss this one.

If you’ve been with us from the start, you know that we have a love for Texas. RealMusic Events is an event production company based in Austin, Texas that provides its audience with a one of a kind, live music experience, specializing in Electronic Dance Music (or EDM). As fans of festivals, they believe what separates their events from others, is that they cater to the people who are passionate about the music and the lifestyle. EDM has so many other sub-genres like House and Dubstep, that it could be challenging to satisfy everyone that comes to these shows. However, RealMusic Events does it with ease.

It’s very interesting to hear how Kelly and Andrew structure their shows, especially their biggest annual event. Seismic Dance Event is a live music show that every EDM fan should know about. This year, Seismic 3.3 will be a three-day event in Austin, scheduled for May 21st - 23rd. The list of performers that will be present at this show is absolutely amazing. Some of the acts that will be there are The Martinez Brothers, Spektre, and Bob Moses to name a few. You can find more info about the event on RealMusic’s website and social media profiles. Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure to put down a deposit to hold your spot.

Every live event will have to be done differently this year with the COVID-19 health and safety restrictions. Unfortunately, cancelations and rescheduling have been a theme during the pandemic, especially for the live events industry. But COVID-19 hasn’t stopped Kelly and Andrew from innovating new ways to make shows intimate, yet safe. Seismic 3.3 will have a few new wrinkles this year, like adding an extra day to the event and using pods at the various stages. They’ve also staggered the times and days of their acts to make it easier for patrons to see more of the talent in one day.

Pat, Kelly, and Andrew have a lot of fun in this episode, and that’s what you love to see from the founders of an Electronic Dance Music production company. EDM is all about passion, and RealMusic Events certainly captures the vibes.

“Everything we do, we do it how we would like to experience things.” - Kelly Gray, Real Music

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