Hello Festival Pass fans, and Happy Holidays! We are all excited for the new year and hopeful for a return to normalcy for live events in the near future. To close out festivalPass Stories 2020 season, we have someone that has been in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years now. This week Pat Tully sits down with the founder and president of Metro Tickets, Mr. Dave Christopherson.

This episode is a special one because we got to interview a legend who started his company from the ground up and fueled it with his passion for festivals and live events. Dave has always been a concert buff and has been to some of the most iconic shows in the last few decades. He’s also been to some of the biggest sporting events on the collegiate and professional levels. For someone who loves live music so much, it’s easy to see how Dave got into the industry. But how he tells the story, it’s a career that found him.

Dave is a Texas native, and he stumbled on a ticket broker, trying to go to a Ron Stewart concert. Then, fate got involved as the ticket broker asked Dave if he wanted to work there. He accepted the man’s offer, and the rest is history. Dave found something that wanted to do, and he had a great mentor to show him the way. Later on, he realized that he could go into business for himself, and in September 1992, Metro Tickets was born. Today, Metro Tickets is one of the premier ticket sellers in the country for music and sports. Dave has grown from a Texas kid who just sat in the stands, to the respected businessman you see on our show.

Metro Tickets has shown exponential growth over time, but like many other sectors of the industry, the business has significantly slowed down in 2020. This is specifically true for music concerts. At one point, Dave states that live music was about 80% of Metro Tickets revenue, with sports taking the other 20%. In 2020, this revenue model has completely flip-flopped. There are signs of optimism, as COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more available to the public, and Dave believes that once live events are back, Metro Tickets will be back and better than ever. It’s important that we all keep fighting and practicing safety precautions, because the faster the pandemic ends, the faster festivals will be back in full effect.

Dave Christopherson has been in the company of so many talented people that we admire. With someone that’s so connected, it’s hard to have a time limit for this episode. Festival Pass Podcast is all about the stories and connections that we don’t see as fans, and Dave brings some of the best ones yet from active athletes and performers, and from some of those iconic names that we’ve lost.

“You’re welcome to give us a call here at Metro Tickets. I’m here five, six days a week, and we’ve been in the same place for about 30 years.” - Dave Christopherson

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