What’s up Festival Pass fans! This week, host Pat Tully sits down with comedian and podcast host, Tom Kelly.

For those of you who do not know who Tom Kelly is, he’s one of the best warmup comedians in the business. His resume as a warm-up comic is impressive, to say the least. It includes network television shows like “ABC’s The View”, “The $100,000 Pyramid”, and “America’s Got Talent”. There aren’t many jobs across the country for comedians to work on Nationally televised programs. So, the fact that Tom has so many big names that he’s worked for, is beyond notable. What is even more remarkable about Tom’s career, is that he isn’t known in the live-event circles as just a comic, he brings much more to the table.

Outside of being a comedian, Tom Kelly is an extremely talented host, actor, and producer. He’s worked on a variety of fundraisers and auctions like Self Help Africa, The Skin Cancer Foundation, and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Additionally, our host Pat Tully, who is also an auctioneer, has set Tom up with a few auction gigs in the past. Tom is also available to book for virtual Zoom events, and even officiating weddings and has worked with iHeart Media as an executive producer and co-writer on a few shows.

Recently, like millions of Americans, Tom tested positive for COVID-19. But he fought through and is now free of the virus, but it wasn’t easy for him, and it still left some lingering effects. He stated that he wouldn’t wish the coronavirus on his worst enemy, and hopes to do more live events once the pandemic is over. Still, Tom has used the time to his advantage, and was able to improve his brand, while also working on a few passion projects, including the Tom Kelly Show, available on Youtube.

Rarely do you hear someone that is so funny, genuine, and full of wisdom, like the one and only, Tom Kelly. We just love how he naturally connects to an audience, making it easy to see why he’s able to make a living doing so. Not only does he give Festival Pass listeners valuable information about working in the industry, but he also shares some hilarious stories, and wonderful life lessons too. This interview is definitely a treat to watch.

“I love anything with a light and a microphone…I think a festival’s a great spot to see entertainment.” - Tom Kelly

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