EP 2. 82 Festivals A Year: Talking with Jacob Trouba of the NY Ranger Hockey Team

Join Pat Tully and New York Rangers’ defenseman #8, Jacob Trouba, on Festival Pass Stories.

Each game is a different festival in itself. Vendors and people are coming in to see each battle. The teams, production, and security all have their own preparation to do! It’s basically everything that goes on in a regular festival. The energy levels are also varied, with Saturday nights with rival teams getting more intense emotion and action more than others.

They talk about life as a hockey player, activities during the pandemic, and a promising return of the NHL to the ice. Jacob’s personal preparation has been consistent since he’s started playing – get a light warm-up for about 20 to 30 minutes. Even the pregame food is always the same! He’d get salmon and brown rice then some chicken and avocado. While it gets monotonous and boring, the fun is found in the game anyways! It’s the same thing with festivals. Most of the fun you get is when you give people a good show and after all the hard work. The secret to getting that fulfillment is by staying consistent!

As the NBA comes close to playing again, Jacob is excited for the NHL to get back on the ice. If you want to hear more, head on over to the podcast! “I don't feel like I've lost any love. I'm ready to go back and play again…” – Jacob Trouba.

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New York Rangers - https://www.nhl.com/rangers

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