Welcome back friends! This week we have a very special guest for our listeners and viewers that love thriller and horror films. Our host Pat Tully has an insightful virtual sit-down with the creator of Sareth Fest, the multi-talented, Sareth Ney.

If you’re new to Festival Pass, this show is all about sharing stories of industry professionals that have a hand in the tough grind that is putting on a live event for a large crowd. Everyone is passionate about something, and that’s usually how festivals get off of the ground. For those who have aspirations of creating a festival of their very own this episode will inspire you to do so.

As a product of Cambodian immigrants who fled their country to create a better life in the U.S. His father was at war in his native country when he decided to make a change, and exhibited sacrifice and courage; ideals that Sareth credits his life and accomplishments to. Sareth has shown astonishing dedication to his craft, and a relentlessness in pursuing his dreams and because of this, he has become very successful in his industry.

When his parents came to America, they started over in Colorado, a place known for fostering some of the most creative talent across the board; they’re also known for throwing an awesome festival too. Here is where Sareth began to work under the tutelage of genius novelist and film director, Clive Barker, the creator that’s responsible for titles like “Hellraiser” and “Candyman”. While working under Barker, Sareth set in motion what would later become, Sareth Fest and his very own production company, A Quarter and a Dream Pictures.

Sareth Fest has now been around for 10 years, and has gone virtual since the pandemic. Not many festivals gives their audience a little bit of everything as far as music, comedy, and film, but Sareth and his team pulls it off perfectly. Sareth Ney exudes adoration for the film and live events industry. He also has a genuine personality and positive outlook, traits that you love to see in times like these. However, it wasn’t always easy for him, making this one of the most touching episodes on the show to date.

“So I walk in and out of the blue, Clive Barker walks up the stairs and I’m like, ‘this is not happening.’” - Sareth Ney

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