Festival Pass Stories, your favorite podcast on all things live events is back with another episode! This week our host, Pat Tully sits down with retired NBA player, former New York Knick, and Indiana basketball legend, Jared Jeffries.

Pat caught up with Jared just before the beginning of pro basketball’s main event, the NBA Finals. This has been an unusual season for the NBA, with the national pandemic coming in the middle of their regular season. However, commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA was able to regroup and finish the season in the notorious, “NBA Bubble”. The Playoffs have been intense as ever on the court, even though the players aren’t performing in front of fans. Jared Jeffries shares his experience with the Nuggets organization during his time in the bubble, and just how difficult it is mentally for everyone there. Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat, and Anthony Davis, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, are sure to put on quite a show for us at home on NBA’s biggest stage.

The Finals are always a spectacular festival, but Jared Jeffries recalls his own account of an equally great sports festival, the NCAA Final Four. Jeffries lead his alma mater, University of Indiana Hoosier team to the “big dance,” the National Championship Game in 2002. Jared had a successful college and professional basketball career, but now as a retired player, he has shifted his focus to other avenues.

The former Director of Player Personnel for the Denver Nuggets, is a man of many talents. Jeffries was seen as a rising star as an NBA executive, and still has strong relationships with players today. Recently, Jared was the President of Echo Fox, an eSports organization. Now, he’s a teacher of social studies and history, but that isn’t all he's up to. Jared hosts a brand new show called “Modern Fishing,” where he gives his audience tips and technique on fishing.

Festival Pass is all about the behind the scenes stories of festivals that you won’t get anywhere else, and Pat and Jared deliver some great tales. Not only do Pat and Jared give their insight on what we can expect in The Finals during COVID-19, but they also talk about the New York Knicks’ free agency. Whether it’s stories about playing with Michael Jordan, or being in a locker room with coaching legend Bobby Knight, this episode is more than enough to keep you entertained.

“You have to make sure every player educates themselves, and finds their own belief system, and what they’re passionate about.” - Jared Jeffries

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