Pat Tully is back with another esteemed guest. In this episode, he has a dynamic convo with the great, Kim Owens, VP of Strategies & Operations at FestiFi.

You may not realize it but festivals have so many moving parts. Kim gives us a sneak peek into how she, and FestiFi, play one of the most crucial roles in putting at large scale events by providing WiFi. FestiFi’s motto is “No problems. Just Solutions”. That is what they feel people should experience at festivals when it comes to connectivity.

Kim and Pat discuss how FestiFi’s services can accommodate festivals and events; even when they’re located in the middle of nowhere. Today’s society is all about versatility, and there is nowhere where that is more prominent than the events and entertainment business. Kim plays a crucial role in FestiFi’s success in the industry. She is also the founding editor at Kaffeine Buzz, an online magazine and radio show that has been around for almost 20 years! Kim is very passionate about sticking up for groups that are underrepresented, and as the founder of “Women In Production,” an organization that mentors women in the events world, she is able to follow that passion every day.

They converse about the complications of the COVID pandemic and the entertainment industry’s response. Kim even shares how COVID has changed her life on a personal level, bringing meditation and gratitude to the forefront. Listen in as Pat and Kim share old stories from working events, and how the business will look moving forward.

“We are all still wanting to keep the industry moving forward in terms of creating new solutions, new experiences, that we never would have thought of, or had the time to think of before...” - Kim Owens

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