In this lesson, we will be answering the questions from some comments and questions from discord...

  1. \Who maintains and runs the Blockchain computer network and how does it scale?
  2. How will quantum computing affect Blockchain. I've heard about security concerns if QC can hack the algorithm but not sure if QCs could solve the environmental/computational problems.
  3. What is needed to get crypto and NFT's out of the early adopter phase?
  4. I read web3 and Web 3.0 are different things is that true?
  5. Where to store and how to buy easier?
  6. What's up with stupid gas fees?
  7. Different ways to create NFTs, pros and cons.
  8. I’d like to understand more about the different utilities you can have with NFT's. ART? utility? Tokens? Access passes etc etc. Endless possibility.
  9. The utility of all of it. I get it at a basic level, but in scrolling, through all the NFT's I don't see anything that interests me. I don't understand the appeal of auto-generated 10,000 different NFT's in a collection - of Apes or Bubble Gum Kids - and trying to figure out where to start in all of this.
  10. Isn’t it a problem that minting NFT is so expensive for small digital artists? And how we can solve this problem?
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