Introducing FestivalPass Stories: behind the scene stories of the worlds greatest live events

Behind the scene stories of the world's greatest live events. You will go behind the stage of the best music festivals, the kitchen of celebrity chef tastings or the studio door to hear the stories of passion and inspiration that launched some of the world’s best festivals. Through FestivalPass Stories (FPS) you can experience ‘life lived live’ and hear the ‘why’ behind your favorite music, film, food, theater and sports events. Each week, FPS Host Pat Tully will bring his two decades of live event hosting experience to deliver a new story from a festival founder or the talent that drives event lovers, like you. Topics of upcoming podcasts will include: A new up and coming music sub-genre that is popular, but underserved. How did the best music festivals come to be? The Whiskey Master Blender: Like the conductor of an orchestra, it is the Master Blender’s role to weave consistent flavors that represent the purity of the legendary blend with different component parts that need to be balanced perfectly! The story of family farmers and educating consumers about the agricultural importance of sustainable farming. A local politician who had an idea to drive community spirit in his town with an art/cultural festival that grew into one of the largest cultural festivals in the country. Visit for more episodes and information. Music by Joakim Karud

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