“Festival Pass Stories” Podcast host, Pat Tully, takes another deep dive into the work that is done behind the scenes of festivals. In this week’s episode, Kate Levenstien, CEO and Founder of Cannonball Productions joins the show!

Similar to many other festival companies, Cannonball Productions has experienced their fair share of complications and roadblocks during the last few months of the pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped Kate and her awesome team from putting in the required work, hoping to get people enthusiastic about live events again. Kate and Pat talk about facing the challenges of putting on festivals during Covid, and how she believes that Cannonball Productions will spearhead the charge back to normalcy in live entertainment.

As native New Yorkers, Kate and Pat share stories of a simpler time in the big city, when people were able to enjoy all that it had to offer. They talk about their favorite venues, events, and restaurants; even ones that may not survive the onslaught of the pandemic. They feel it is so important that we are there for each other during this time, and patronize the businesses that we love. This episode highlights a number of ways that you can support your local eateries, events, and venues that are being affected the most.

No slogan has caught on more in the city than, “New York Strong”. Kate shares with the audience how her family, and her team have put their strength on full display as of late. Our host has a knack for getting his guests to open up; so get ready to feel the full array of emotions in this one. It’ll pull at your heart strings, and make you laugh out loud before it’s done. If you enjoy convos on beer, bacon, gardening, and hard seltzer…then buckle up!

“People have that ‘X-Factor,’ and if you know them personally, you can just tap into that.” Kate Levenstien

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