Ivan Jackson is the unique front man of Brasstracks. In this episode, Pat Tully sits down with Ivan to discuss his life in music and how his passion drives him. Growing up in a musical family, Ivan’s Dad was offered the band leader job on one of the longest running shows on TV. He tells the story of how his father said “no” and how that led to even bigger moves for his family. Ivan attended the famous LaGuardia High School in Manhattan, the performing arts public high school that inspired the hit 80’s drama “Fame.”

From there he continued his education and quickly went into business for himself producing music in a Brooklyn loft he rented with a friend. That hustle would continue as he continued to make a name for himself, collaborating with the likes of international K-Pop sensation BTS as well as Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus and many more. Soon a collaboration with Chance The Rapper would lead to 2 Grammy Nominations. Another with Harry Styles would lead to another.

Hear more about these stories and some great music festival stories here on this episode of FestivalPass Stories.

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