Welcome back friends to another episode of festivalPass Stories. This week, our host Pat Tully sits down with the dynamic duo of Mellik Gorton, and Meghan Mallan known as The Non Renewed! An Indie rock band out of Denver, the duo met through an app designed for musicians to meet. In 2019 they met up to jam with a group of people and soon realized that they were better together than in a larger band. They began playing covers of music they love and then as trust developed, they began to share music they wrote and started recording their own songs.

The name “The Non-Renewed" is a tongue-in-cheek ode to Meghan’s teaching contract being “non-renewed. Meghan was a music teacher in the Denver public school system.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it opened a door for Meghan to pursue her dream of a music career. Mellik wrote the tune That Much, tracked the vocals; then Meghan took it and ran with the production to create their first single and they were off and running. While the duo continued to explore their older writings and searching for the next single, they launched their social media campaign. Then Meghan reveals a story behind a relationship breakup that led to another great single from the band called Smoke You Out.

Pat becomes surprised to learn that both Mellik and Meghan both recently attended their first music festivals. However, the band is eager to get out on the road and get on the festival circuit. Their first big live show is taking place at The Lost Lake Lounge in Denver.

Watch and follow as this band continues to grow and come to a festival near you!


Instagram: @thenonrenewed

Website: https://linktr.ee/thenonrenewed

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