Welcome back friends to a new year, and brand new episode of Festival Pass Stories Podcast! Today’s guest is the founder of the Gator By The Bay festival in San Diego, the one and only, Peter Miller. People that start live events (festivals in particular), seem to always have a passion that molds their ideas and establishes a niche. For Peter, that passion was dancing, and the enjoyment of being around great music.

Peter grew up in the Washington DC area, went to UC San Diego and graduated with a BA in Communications. So, what would make a guy with experience in professional video production want to start a New Orleans inspired festival? As it is told by Peter himself, it all happened one night in Louisiana with a certain man playing an accordion. The feeling he got was indescribable, and from that moment he knew that he had to share it with as many people as possible. At first glance, it may seem a bit “random” to bring the culture of the bayou to sunny California.

Gator By The Bay festival delivers such an authenticity, that the event is even supported by the state of Louisiana and its community. It’s the largest Louisiana-themed event on the West Coast. It takes place on Mother’s Day weekend, and is four days jammed-packed with entertainment for the whole family. The festival is also encouraged by the city of San Diego, and the San Diego Bon Temps Social Club. Gator By The Bay was established in 2001, and plans on making its marvelous return in 2022. So, what goes on at “SoCal’s Premiere Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, Live Music & Crawfish Festival? Well…a little bit of everything. Not only are there thousands of pounds of crawfish that comes in from Louisiana, but there are also alligator, gumbo, barbecues that run all day, beignet vendors, and every other delicious treat that New Orleans has to offer.

There is also the market area where you can buy all sorts of jewelry, art, and other trinkets that make great gifts. The music that you hear from the moment you walk in is spectacular. Everywhere you go, you’ll be sure to hear a different sound that keeps the crowd smiling. And it’s all capped off with a big parade, led by Peter Oliver himself. There is no replacing the celebration that is Mardi Gras which happens on March 1st this year, but Gator By The Bay is an experience all it’s own that you don’t want to miss. Watch this episode to hear Peter’s stories, and to get more info on how to get tickets for this May.

“I walked into the bar, 1988, the Thursday before Jazz Fest, and I hear this band and the guy had an accordion, and I couldn’t believe it, I found it and I didn’t even know I was looking for it.” - Peter Oliver

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