Welcome back to the podcast that covers all things live events, festivalPass Stories. We love a sneak peek, and this week’s guest brought just that. Please welcome the owner and partner of Fast Forward Events, Michelle Metter.

Michelle got her start in the entertainment business over 20 years ago as an event director. Today, Michelle is highly respected in the events world, and she’s often sought out to speak at industry gatherings. Her knowledge in public relations is extraordinary, and the driving force behind the success of the events that she’s a part of. Despite working so hard year-round, Michelle still makes time for her family and traveling the world.

In January of 2005, Michelle started Fast Forward with her partner Ken Loyst, and together, they built the company into the enterprise it is now. What makes Fast Forward different from other events companies are their core values. Michelle is a forward thinker and loves to bring people joy in their lives, and Fast Forward events is an extension of those principles.

Other than hiking and scuba diving, Michelle is also deeply passionate about food and wine. This is why the Fast Forward team is responsible for one of the best culinary events in the country, the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival. Locals, celebs, and people from around the world gather for his week-long celebration. Done in the beautiful and diverse scenery of San Diego, the festival includes hundreds of wines and restaurants, and you can’t forget about the grand tasting!

We can’t thank Michelle enough for giving us the scoop on the upcoming San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival experience. The event will go from November 11th to the 14th, and tickets are on sale now; make sure to get them while you can. Visit fastforwardevents.com for info on some of their other exquisite events.

“You really wanna make sure that you’re working with talent who feels proud to be a part of what you’re creating. That way they’ll return, and they’ll say the right things, and feel like their time is well spent.” - Michelle Metter

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You can find Michelle on:

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-metter-89b7a25/

Fast Forward’s Website- http://www.fastforwardevents.com

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Fest’s Website- https://www.sandiegowineclassic.com

San Diego Bay Wine & Food Fest’s Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/sdbayfest/

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