bold textFestival Pass Stories is the only podcast that takes you behind-the-scenes of all types of live entertainment. We have another special guest this week so prepare to be amazed. Host Pat Tully interviews professional magician, and comedian, Hayden Childress.

In many cases, magic is the type of skill that is handed down to people who have a passion for it. That’s what makes Hayden’s career so impressive, he’s a self-taught magician. Hayden began practicing magic when he was a kid, and by the time he was 14 he was already doing birthday parties. He doesn’t really book children’s parties anymore because as Hayden started to grow as an entertainer, the events he performed at became larger. Now, Hayden has traveled across the country to put on live shows and has even performed for big corporations like Bank of America and Lowe’s.

Magic is all about a magician’s connection to the audience, and that has always been Hayden’s number one focus. Entertainers and producers working past the hardships of COVID-19 have become an ongoing theme, one that was carried over from the year we shall not name. We can honestly say that putting on a show virtually, doesn’t quite have the same spark as the real thing. However, we have gotten accustomed to them, and virtual shows do have a lot of advantages. In this episode, Hayden gives us insight into what the adjustment was like converting to live stream, as a comedian and as a magician.

With big-scale festivals being put on hold for now, Hayden has used the time away from touring to fine-tune his magic and his brand. He’s got a bunch of new tricks up his sleeve, and he’s performing them live on Zoom. Watching a live magic show at home sounds pretty cool, right? Not only does Hayden make the “new normal”, socially distanced shows fun, his act really gets the audience involved in ways you wouldn’t think possible. Hayden believes that the lack of live shows opened up new opportunities to meet new fans.

Magic gives us all a sense of wonder, just like festivals do. It was our pleasure to host comedian, magician, and recent TED talker, Hayden Childress. Listen to his stories in this episode, and make sure that you follow him on social media, as well as Festival Pass.

“I like to challenge the status quo. That to me is what magic is about.” - Hayden Childress

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