Attention, festival fanatics!! We are inching closer to experiencing the energy of live events again! This week, our host, Pat Tully sits down with another outstanding guest. A cinema favorite, actor, Holt McCallany. Who doesn’t love movies? These days, watching a film is a form of entertainment that isn’t the same. Eating popcorn and sitting in a theater to watch an anticipated blockbuster is a part of our culture. We love the actors and actresses that play in these movies and Holt has had the pleasure of working with some of the best actors and directors of this generation. Some of Holt’s best work, like his role as the mechanic in “Fight Club,” and his performance in “Mindhunter” as Bill Tench, were directed by the great David Fincher. This episode embodies what Festival Pass Stories is all about.

One of the best stories that we’ve heard on this show is how Holt made his move to Hollywood at the age of 14. Passion, focus on one’s crafts, and passing knowledge to like-minded individuals is what Holt McCallany is all about. Taught by mentors like the great Jack Lemmon, Holt has learned that helping other artists is just as important as his own success. Holt has helped many people’s careers by giving back his time. We know that our audience appreciates the dedication of those who have come on festivalPass Stories podcast. Acting isn’t all about being a celebrity, it’s about hard work. Acting is based on a lot of practice and research. Holt gives us amazing stories of studying people he’s played, like boxing legend Teddy Atlas in the HBO Film, “Tyson”.

Holt McCallany’s attention to detail is why he’s been working in the business for over 35 years, and he continues to thrive with more films coming out this year. Great actor, producer, and an all-around fun guy, Holt McCallany is extremely talented and well respected. Fans of cinema know that Holt is consistently in good films, and he always delivers a solid performance. This episode has a special place in the Festival Pass archive.

“I love film festivals. And the reason is that the people you meet there are people that are really passionate about cinema. And I’ve been passionate about it from the time I was a child.” - Holt McCallany

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