This week host Pat Tully has a great conversation with an old friend of his. He is the founder of “The Craicfest” and the Brooklyn Oysterfest, Terence Mulligan.

Back in 1998, Terence started Craicfest as a non-profit organization after being inspired by his countryman, and the wave of New Irish Cinema. There was sort of a renaissance of the arts going on with Irish creatives, and not only did Terence want to be a part of it, but he also wanted to spearhead the movement, and bring these pieces of work to a larger audience. Going into its 23rd year, it’s safe to say that Terence and his team have fulfilled his dream of creating more diversity and awareness in the film circuit.

This year has been an obstacle that we all have done our best to make the most of, and Terence and his event was not an exception. Unfortunately, Terence was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year. But he stayed positive and fought his way back to recovery. Now, he and his team are showing that same determination when it comes to Craicfest. We are used to hearing live events getting canceled one after another this year, however, Craicfest will continue virtually. They also have a couple of films that we are pretty excited to watch; and to any Irish filmmakers out there, The Craic is still accepting submissions for documentaries, shorts, and features.

Craicfest isn’t the only festival that Terence has a hand in. This year was also the 6th annual Rockaway Oyster Fest that took place in late September. Not only is this event known for great food, but also live music, and good beer too. The Oyster Fest also takes place in Chicago and Brooklyn New York as well.

Everyone has the potential to throw a great festival, and Terence gives a lot of encouragement for whoever may be listening to do just that. It’s always special when Pat gets together with one of his buddies in the industry, and this episode is definitely filled with laughs and wonderful stories. It’s cool to see how much pride Terence has in where he’s from, the business he’s in, and what it does for the community.

“This is how you sell Irish arts in New York. You have to rely on people who are more established, and who have influence.” - Terence Mulligan

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