Hello festivalPass friends! This week, we have an insider of one of the most unique festivals that we’ve ever heard of, the talented Guilhem Pouza.

Pouzza Fest, a punk rock festival that takes place in the Montreal, Quebec didn’t come from Guilhem’s last name; even though it would be easy to make that connection. The name was actually created from combining the words poutine and pizza, and that’s how you get “Pouzza”; it’s an awesome name for a jam-packed multi-day festival.

The event was co-founded by Hugo Mudie, a musician that was inspired to start something new after playing at “Fest” in Gainesville, Florida. Pouzza was poised to have it’s 10th Anniversary Festival in 2020, until COVID-19 derailed the live event. Pouzza had already built a lineup of about 150 punk rock bands over a three day span so the rescheduling was unfortunate for punk fans who planned to be in Montreal for this monstrous event. Guilhem couldn’t promise us that Pouzza would be back in May of 2021 because of government protocol in Canada, but he is optimistic that they can get back on track in the future.

As much as music is at the center of Pouzza Fest, this is a live event that is much more than a regular music festival. They also do barbecues, brunches, and beer gardens. But what really takes it over the top, is the baseball tournaments. Not only can you enjoy what the bands have to offer, but you can get a group of buddies and register your own baseball team for the festival’s tourney. The baseball tournament takes place at a park within walking distance of all the action. The fee covers beer for the team, t-shirts with team logos, and three artists are added to every squad; so you may end up being teammates with your favorite band or musician.

It’s a shame that circumstances didn’t allow for Pouzza Fest this year, but Guilhem definitely got Pat Tully excited for when it will make its return. As always, these stories shed a lot of light on where the industry is right now, and where it will go in the future. Guilhem Pouza shares his political views and what he hopes for Pouzza Fest. He also came equipped with the best backdrop of any guest on the show so far.

“Now that Pouzza has grown, we are probably going to keep on doing this forever.” - Guilhem Pouza

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