This week Pat sits down with Comedian Larry Fulford. Listen in as they talk comedy, COVID and 'Summer Camp' for Comedians.

Everyone in the world could use laughter, now more than ever. Comedians have a big responsibility in our society. We depend on them to deliver the unaltered truth, and at times, act as our sub-conscience. They literally have the task of saying what some of us may be thinking, exactly the way we think it. During the pandemic, live events and festivals have been taken away from us; but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves and bond in other ways. Fortunately for us, Zoom has made it possible to appreciate one of the oldest art forms, even if it does take some time getting used to.

Larry Fulford, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, has been a comedian for almost 10 years now. With a decade of experience, he has performed at comedy clubs and festivals all over the country. He shares with Pat just how much fun working these comedy festivals are, and describes them as “summer camp” for comedians.

Even when we all take our seats in that bar, comedy club, or venue, Larry believes that virtual events over Zoom will be here to stay. He admits to dismissing the idea at first, but that was before he tried it out. It is difficult to have a comedy show when you can’t hear the laughter, but a few of his buddies are coming up with new ways to change the dynamic.

Since the national lockdown, Larry has been taking his time to work on his craft, and has a new style of comedy show on the horizon; which sounds like a game changer in the virtual events world. Pat Tully has had guests in almost every industry that can put on a live show, but Larry gives his insight on how diversity and unpredictability separates comedy events from other art forms like music or sports. It’s good to know that there are entertainers out there that are still trying to bring us some humor.

“When you’re a comedian, you’re out there trying to make people laugh. So I think that there’s this false sense of people thinking they know who you are.” - Larry Fulford

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