Welcome back, friends!! Thanks for tuning in to the festivalPass Stories podcast. This week, you can say that we got time with the “ultimate entertainer” if you will, the multi-talented, Joe Everson.

Joe Everson is, “Bob Ross meets Frank Sinatra,” as described on “Fox & Friends”. That may be hard to visualize, so if you’ve never seen Joe do his thing, please go to his YouTube channel after watching this episode, he’s amazing! Joe is a vocalist, musician, photographer, and painter; he’s so talented that he combines some of these arts into one captivating performance. Even though Joe does ‘regular’ art that he’s commissioned for, he’s most known for singing the National Anthem while painting on a canvas at the same time. If this isn’t impressive enough, he often does this in a packed stadium or arena surrounded by media.

The term ‘artist’ gets thrown around a lot. Here on Festival Pass, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing all types of artists; from actors to musicians, to filmmakers, even major league pitchers. Most people have their own definition, but what is ‘art’ exactly? What makes something art is hard to put into words, what makes someone an artist is just as difficult to define. Those answers are probably for the observer to decide, and Joe Everson is an artist in every way possible. It’s very rare to see someone who has natural gifts in so many different mediums, but Joe makes what most of us consider impossible, look like just another day at the office.

Doing halftime shows during big college and pro games will certainly get your attention, especially with Joe’s talent. But what doesn’t get enough recognition, is the work that Joe Everson does for charities, non-profits, and supporting our troops. Joe comes from a military background, and his art has raised over 1 million dollars for our armed forces. His art is heavily inspired by veterans and active military. Joe enjoys doing fundraisers as well. Some of his paintings have been bid on upwards of $100,000, and it all goes to charity. In fact, it was at a charity event where Joe and Pat Tully first met.

One thing that most artists struggle with, is how to turn their craft into a source of income. It’s one of the most difficult things to do in this business. Luckily, Joe Everson is here to give you the inside scoop through his personal stores, and how to take your career to the next level.

“In my travels being in Greenville, SC, I ran into this little area that’s kind of called an ‘art walk’. And I remember thinking, ‘I’m gonna pick that up, and I’m gonna start telling people I’m an artist.’” - Joe Everson

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