Hello to all of the festival fanatics out there! This week, our host Pat Tully interviewed CEO and founder of Up All Night Music Group, Josh Rothstein.

Josh is a young star in the business who got his start in the music industry as a promoter. He has held positions in Downtown Records and Atlantic Records, and his career path continued to blossom onward. Josh has experience on the road after touring with country music star Luke Bryan, and platinum recording artist MAX. During his years at Hamilton College, Josh learned that he had a knack for putting together live events; some of the names he got on campus were Lupe Fiasco and Charli XCX. Now, as a young alum, Josh counties to give back to his alma mater in the form of live and virtual events.

These tools would later come in handy to advance Josh’s career in festivals. Fast forward to November 2019; Josh Rothstein created Up All Night Music Group, “a one-stop-shop for bringing your live and virtual events to life.” Josh started this new endeavor with a few of his friends, and his girlfriend, people that Josh commends for the early success of Up All Night Music Group. They have worked with a few big names in the music industry, including Shaed, Penelope, and Chelsea Cutler. They have also partnered with some iconic venues like The Bowery Electric.

As of right now, the music industry has taken a major hit in live shows, a business sector that accounts for the bulk of revenue for artists all over the world. While it’s unfortunate that COVID-19 has stalled large gatherings as a whole, Josh and his team have pivoted towards hosting virtual events, and they look forward to the return of live music as we all do.

This is yet another captivating episode from Pat Tully, and one of the top up-and-comers in the biz today. As an entertainment expert, Josh seems to be very optimistic about festivals in the future, and it should give us all a bit of hope.

“There’s a couple of artists who I’ve been lucky to get to know very well, who I believe in. And now, through Up All Night, we have a vehicle to do it.” - Josh Rothstein

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