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"Til Death Do Us Part… You First!"

Calendar iconFeb 15, 2020 | 01:00amCredits icon19 creditsLocation iconArlington, MA, United States
Since 2013, Peter Fogel has been the National Touring Star of the HIT comedy "My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy!" NOW he brings you his hilarious autobiographical tale "“Til Death Do Us Part… You First! True Confessions about Marriage, Sex, & other things that end prematurely." An eternal bachelor, Fogel has major commitment issues. The love of his life has just broken up with him on Valentine’s Day! He senses his own mortality and after much soul-searching, he decides to revisit the scene of all his romantic disasters. Our hapless Lothario mixes his signature wit along with riotous relatable characters and takes us on a whirlwind comedic journey while searching for his soul mate and the meaning of a real commitment. Fogel laments, “The longest relationship I’ve had in my entire life is with ... T-Mobile!” Young or old, divorced or married, if you’ve even been single (and that’s everyone) … and want to experience (again) the feeling of finding that Special Person to spend the rest of your life with -- then you’ll want to fasten your seat belt for 75 minutes of non-stop laughs with Peter Fogel’s "‘Til Death Do Us Part … You First! ...True Confessions about Marriage, Sex, & other things that end prematurely."


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