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"The Dirty Show" With The Smash Brothers

Calendar iconFeb 20, 2020 | 04:00amCredits icon8 creditsLocation iconOntario, CA, United States
Cory and Chad, The Smash Brothers, are identical twin brothers born and raised outside of Los Angeles in the Inland Empire. Growing up with a biker for a dad, and a Post Office delivery lady for a mom, they moved frequently and attended a total of 14 different schools during childhood. Always being the new kids made them adapt by being outgoing and spontaneously humorous to gain new friendships. Despite their identical DNA, The Smash Brothers are almost polar opposites in personality and lifestyle. Cory is “the good twin” of the two, with a calm and passive personality he refrains from drinking and partying to keep the two grounded. Chad is “the evil twin”, with his bad boy personality and crazy, wild partying ways that keeps Cory on his toes. Growing up identical twins, Cory and Chad found many hilarious ways to get through life by switching roles and using each other to benefit the duo. The two will shock and surprise you on stage with what each will say or do next. The Smash Brothers have impeccable timing and a fantastic way of working the crowd. They’ll share comedic stories of growing up and all the antics involved in being identical twins. The Smash Brothers are a must-see as one of LA’s top comedy duo performances. Cory and Chad started doing stand-up comedy in 2004. In 2006, they created, produced, and directed "The Dirty Show", their monthly hit comedy show that can be seen at the Ontario, California Improv. "The Dirty Show" has numerous sold out performances and is currently the longest running comedy show at any Improv in the United States.


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