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"Magic Male XXL"

Calendar iconMar 15, 2020 | 02:00amCredits icon13 creditsLocation iconPierre, SD, United States
Come on out for a fun-filled, fantastic night. "Magic Male XXL" is an event where you can share some smiles, enjoy some giggles and forget the daily grind. It's a ladies' night gone wild, with the men of "Magic Male XXL" showing off their chiseled bodies, seductive dance routines, cheeky humor and boy-next-door charm that you won't be able to resist! Each sexy performer embodies a different female fantasy and brings it to life, turning your wildest dreams into reality. This isn't the type of show you just sit and watch, it's a fully interactive experience. The sexy performers dance on tabletops, make their way through the crowd and even select a few lucky ladies to join in the fun on stage.


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