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Calamity Improv: The Wild West of Improv Shows

Calendar iconFeb 02, 2020 | 12:30amCredits icon8 creditsLocation iconThe Plains, VA, United States
It’s tough performing in the town of Scriptless Gulch. These lawless folks have to come up with everything on the spot, while the town’s Sheriff keeps them in line. Don’t miss this bunch of sharp shootin’ buckaroos who take audience suggestions and turn them into comedy gold. Load up your chuck wagon! This is one tall tale of a show and you don’t want to miss it. Featuring “Silver Spurs” Sarah Akers, “Sundance” Star Bobatoon, “Bootsie” Brittani Hall, "Judi “The Outlaw” Lagnga, Scott “Doc” Pafumi, Natasha “The Sheriff” Parnian, and “Dead Eye” David Sturdevant at Grace in The Plains.


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