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21-Day Yoga + Meditation Detox Retreat -- Online

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Let's start off our second lockdown better than the first! Are you ready for a transformative, 21-day online wellness retreat, committing deeper to your truest self each day? To be guided daily with positive inspiration and positively challenging exercises, with daily yoga, meditation, inspirational walks, restorative programs, journaling and self care? How about your weekly Detox Box delivered right to your door? Well, we have the perfect retreat for you, and we're starting August 1. There is no greater time than right now, locked down in our homes, to dive deep within yourself. Our intelligent mind-body re-wiring program will guide you into silence, anti-inflammatory processes, healing nutrition, calming and clarifying practices and a community to support your inward journey. Discover who you are, undisturbed, unforced, AS YOU ARE! Please be comfortable and undisturbed as best that you can, but don't worry about everyday life - we are working with your home environment, and that is where our greatest practices exist. Take this time for you.
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